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Fuel Flo Transportation Fuel Delivery

Transportation (Road, Marine, Air)

As a premier fuel distribution company in Canada, Fuel Flo is responsible for transporting millions of litres of drummed and bulk fuel annually to numerous mining, exploration, construction, oil and gas, remediation and tourism projects in northern Canada and throughout the country.  Fuel Flo provides all-inclusive road, marine, and air fuel distribution services safely and on time, all at competitive prices.

Fuel Flo has been built on customer service and satisfaction as well as an environmental responsibility by exceeding all provincial and federal health and safety standards.  As a leading fuel distribution company, you can trust Fuel Flo to get the job done.

Fuel Recertification

Fuel Flo coordinates the collection and independent testing of drummed and bulk fuels.  As highly skilled professionals, Fuel Flo ensures original quality and standards are maintained allowing re-certification of fuel, extending the life of existing fuel sources.

Mobile Re-Fueling Services

On-demand services as required by firefighting crews, remediation sites, forestry projects, remote aviation (heli) companies and more.


Fuel Flo tailors each fuel delivery to the client’s specific needs and cost objectives. With one call to Fuel Flo, eliminate time-consuming tasks involved with expediting deliveries and logistics.  Use a fuel distribution company with an impeccable record in the industry to manage the entire process.

With the ability to offer road, marine, and air delivery, Fuel Flo’s coverage of the Northern regions of Canada allows our expedited services to remain extremely competitive. Understanding the critical importance of expedited delivery, Fuel Flo’s in-house professionals are strategically placed and on call to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the process.

Trust the professionals at Fuel Flo for all expediting and logistics needs.  Start working more efficiently and cost-effectively by ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Hot Shot Service

When you need items delivered immediately to a specific location, no matter how remote and isolated, count on Fuel Flo’s unsurpassed Hot Shot service.  Convenient, lightning fast, and reliable.

By utilizing a mix of in-house and preferred vendors for ground, air and marine transport services, Fuel Flo can get to any location where fuel and other mission-critical items are urgently needed.  Within hours of receiving your Hot Shot request, expect fuel, parts, machinery or personnel to be en route, heading directly to their destination.

When “fast” is not fast enough, request Fuel Flo’s Hot Shot service.  With employees ready to go at a moment’s notice, Fuel Flo saves you from the hassles of delayed production, missing quotas or shutting down an entire site.

Emergency and last minute shipping made easy.


More than ever, fuel consumers are aware of the significant impact that fuel costs have on a company’s bottom line.  Time and a unique set of skills are needed to maximize savings in the fuel industry.  Fuel Flo seizes every opportunity in the marketplace to pass these savings onto their clients.

Not all fuel distribution companies are created equally and just because a fuel distribution company can offer fuel and other petroleum products, does not mean they fully understand the industry and can verify standards and regulations.

Fuel Flo works independently to evaluate your specific requirements and explores all options to secure the highest quality fuel in the most economical way.  The success that Fuel Flo has achieved is based on trusted relationships with their clients who not only employ Fuel Flo as a reliable fuel distribution company but an extension of their purchasing team.


An extensive fleet of fuel tanks ranging from 500L to 100,000L allows Fuel Flo to handle any request for fuel storage guaranteeing fuel is available when and where you need it.  Whether permanent or temporary storage in a yard, on a construction or mining site, the fuel storage solution your company needs is possible.

Tanks range from conventional steel tanks and cubed products to high-performance bladders.

By working with industry leaders in cardlock and inventory control systems, Fuel Flo has the solution for your project needs.

Fuel Flo always makes safety and environmental protection a priority.  Walkways and stairs on the tanks ensure safety, easy access and are OH&S approved even for the strictest of onsite protocols.  Ground containment options are also available.

Site Services

Fuel Flo specializes in providing services to remote locations including heavy equipment operations, material management, and AOG services.  As experts in operating machinery in Canada’s most extreme conditions, there is no job too small or too large for Fuel Flo’s reliable crew. They understand that environmental factors need to be addressed immediately to keep projects operating at full capacity.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Fuel Flo has the knowledge, equipment, and expertise needed to deliver outstanding remote site support services for the mining, construction, oil and gas, tourism, remediation industries as well as government agencies throughout Canada.


With facilities in Yellowknife, Edmonton, Kelowna, Regina, Whitehorse, Cambridge Bay, Rankin Inlet, and Iqaluit, Fuel Flo supports transload operations as well as laydown space for project mob/de-mobilizations.

Also offered, is a variety of options for secure storage including warehouses and containers.

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